Fiona Lafon

Living a beautiful life… my ongoing journey

Hello! I’m so happy to see you here!

This is My Story

Living a beautiful life first started as a tag line when I created my floristry business, Emerald & Jade Flowers, a few years ago.

Since then, this tag line has become my life’s motto, as I realised just how much I wanted to live a beautiful life too, and retraining as a florist was just the start of it.

Emerald & Jade Lifestyle is for me to share my journey with you, and those of others on a similar path.

Hopefully, it will inspire & help you live a beautiful life too.

Who Am I

I’m Fiona, florist at Emerald & Jade Flowers and the creator of this blog.

Born in Versailles, France, I have had dual nationality since birth due to having a British mother. The eldest of three, I am very close to my family, despite all living in different countries!

After uni, I relocated to Bristol to live with my best friend Laura (hi Laubs!). There I met Barry, and the majority of my greatest friends in life.

Barry and I got married in 2015 in France. We have two children, Siena and Hugo.

Since meeting and having the kids, Barry and I bought our first home together.

We have also both undergone drastic career changes, both leaving our jobs as qualified lawyers to set up new lifestyles: I became an events florist, and Barry became a Gardener. He is now setting up his own business as a garden designer.  As for me, I have a few ideas and ventures, which I will be writing about here.

Currently in Bristol, we are about to move permanently to France, in the Charente area (eeeee!).

So Why Blog

I have always loved writing. From having numerous diaries on the go at the same time, notebooks all over the house and writing down lists for everything, spending hours in the library as a kid… I love words!

I always dreamt of writing a book.

A few years, after Hugo’s birth, I discovered blogging. I started my first blog; Green Loving Girl. And I fell in love, slowly but surely.

From designing the blog, to writing the content and taking photos for it… I’m always wanting to learn more about it and improve my blog.

Emerald & Jade Lifestyle is here to share my journey to a beautiful life.

Having suffered from depression since my teens, mental health has been a big factor in my life’s decisions. I want to help and inspire people to find ways to live a happier, beautiful life. Whether it be through a post I write, guest posts, beautiful products in my online shop… and so much more! I’m keen to help others along the way.

The Journey

Barry and I have always loved an adventure. When going on holiday, we would rarely plan, instead going with the flow and seeing where the journey took us.

We have adopted this approach to our lifestyle.

We don’t have it all planned out. Since changing our careers, having the kids, and simply by doing more of what makes us happy, we’ve noticed that life has a funny way of taking us onto new roads, opening doors we never even knew existed.

Our next path is leading us to a life in France. Who knows what will happen once we get there!

Join us to find out!

Much love,


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