It is now Day Three of the #loveyourselfweek challenge by In The Moment Magazine, Are you taking part as well? Today, the challenge asks you to write yourself a love letter. Pretty appropriate for Valentine’s Day isn’t it!

Why Write Yourself A Love Letter?

Valentine’s Day is a funny one. When scrolling through my social media accounts today, I always find it funny how some people seem to really hate it! I find that reaction a little extreme to be honest….

Personally, I don’t really buy into the whole commercial aspect of Valentine’s Day. My husband and I don’t tend to go out that day and don’t exchange gifts. However, I do insist on getting a card from my husband. He is great in so many ways, but give me a day where he’s expected to write me a card with lots of nice things in it, and I’ll take it! I do love a good letter, or at the very least a card, afterall.

I get that days like these may feel painful to some people. Whether you’re single, recently broke up, lost your other half, or any other reason which may lead to you feeling sad rather than loved on that day. I appreciate that in those cases, seeing loads of couples pairing up and making a big deal of their relationship on social media and in public is the last thing you want to see.

But generally, I like to see the main focus of the day as Love. Whether you have an other half, a great group of friends, a loving family, and last but not least: yourself! Celebrate the love you do know, and have. A great way to do this, is to start by writing yourself a love letter.

When it comes to writing yourself a love letter, In the Moment magazine write that:

There are days when we all need a pep talk and so that’s what you’re going to write today. Write yourself a letter reminding yourself that you’re brilliant and strong – and include some of your best qualities from your day one list. Recall occasions where you’ve done something that you’re proud of and include those too.

My Love Letter

Dear Fiona,

Well my lovely, where do I start? You’re about to go on (another!) brand new adventure! This time, sharing it with your husband and your two children. I know this scares you a little… Up until now, whenever you set off on a new adventure in a new place, it was only just you. But you know what? You’re strong, and your family also share this strength. It will be hard at times, between stress, getting used to new faces, new routines, a new language! But overall, you know deep down it will work out for the best. Don’t overthink it.

If you have proven anything, is that you can cope with change. Whether moving to a new country, starting a new job, learning a new trade, meeting new people… you’ve done it all already. Moving to France is just an extension to all of this. You feel as though everything has been leading up to this moment, and you’re right. Don’t doubt yourself.

I know you worry about doing yet again something new. That sometimes you feel you ought to have stayed in the same industry rather than leaving law to retrain as a florist… to now consider yet again another route. But you know better than that. You know you can do many jobs, and that you will take a job to earn the money needed for your family. The fact that you like trying out new jobs and industries doesn’t make you weak or flaky. You say yourself: you learn from each experience, each job, and then use it in your next role.

It’s all about growing as a person for you. It’s not just about finding a job that defines you. You make sure you learn something from each job you do, and that you take it seriously. At times you’ve envied people who stayed in one career and became experts in that field. You wondered why you weren’t like them. Why you often felt there was something else you could be doing. You wondered when you might “grow up” and stick to the one job.

But over the years, meeting and speaking to lots of people, and getting to know yourself better, you now know there’s nothing wrong with you. You might have a different path to many of your loved ones, but it’s right for you. You know that really. You just need reminding at times.

You’ve grown so much over the last few years. It has been painful at times… Getting to know yourself better has meant coming face to face with things you’ve been hiding deep down for a while. It has meant connecting with your feelings more, looking yourself in the mirror, seeing the good as well as the bad and working on it all. Or simply accepting it.

You also have moments where you wish you were a better mum. But you’re constantly finding little love notes from your 7 year old around the house. Your 4 year old is also constantly declaring his love for you. So be kind to yourself. Practice what you preach to the kids, and make sure you love yourself too. The kids are doing great, and it’s partly thanks to you.

You also have a great husband, who loves you, despite having seen you at some of your worst. You still make each laugh, and enjoy being silly together.

You are so much stronger than you think. Sure, you have your quiet days, and sometimes enjoy being lazy. But you remain strong, especially when things need doing, you take action. You move forward. When the path you’re on takes a different route, you follow your gut as to whether you should stay on this changing path, or go on a new one altogether. You rarely stay on the same path, and that’s how you’ve ended where you are today.

You are stronger, smarter and generally better than you think. If I was to give you one piece of advice, is to keep on exploring what makes you happy. Keep on exploring and make sure you have fun along the way. Because when you have fun, you smile more, and being silly with your loved ones is the best. You have your head screwed on, so even though you like to follow your dreams your head will make sure you’re able to make a living out of it all.

So happy valentines day, and have fun on your new adventure in France!

Much love, or as the kids would say, je t’aime de tout mon coeur, 


As I mentioned in my previous posts, it feels weird, even difficult, writing about myself in a loving way. Mainly, I guess, because we don’t often (ever?) write love letters to ourselves.
But it is important to make sure that that little voice in our head is a loving one. Previously, I’ve been asked whether I would speak to my daughter the way I talk to/ about myself. The realisation that, should I say those things I used to think about myself to my daughter, I would be absolutely horrified. It was a real wake up call.
So as challenging as these challenges can be, I’m wanting to complete them because of their importance. So that I can admit that I Love myself, and recognise my strengths. Just like I keep telling my kids about recognising their own strengths and abilities. Love is everywhere, and the best way to spread love is to start recognising love in ourselves.
Why not write yourself a love letter today?

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  1. Chloe

    I love this! Self love and self compassion are so important 💕 I use the “loving kindness” meditation a lot with my clients and with myself, it’s very powerful when we guide it towards ourselves xxxx


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