Looking for an Eco-Friendly Coffee Machine

Re-reading the post’s title makes me smile… it does sound like an ad… 30 something woman looking for eco-friendly coffee machine…. 🙂 Simple things eh! Anyway… back to the post! Since I’ve been trying to reduce my plastic consumption, I realised just how bad coffee machines can be for the environment in respect of plastic. Using several pods a day doesn’t seem very eco friendly at all(!). Before we moved to France, I sold my coffee machine, which used pods. I’m therefore on the lookout for a new one, and I’m keen to have an eco friendly coffee machine for my next purchase.

Coffee Love

Having grown up in France, I started drinking espressos from the age of 14 or so. There weren’t any Starbucks or similar coffee shops at the time. Instead my friends and I would often pop into a cafe in between classes or when we met up. That’s France for you!

Over the years, the main times I haven’t drunk coffee was when I was pregnant. Or at least at the start of my pregnancies. In the first term my body didn’t crave it at all, which was weird as I usually drink a few a day.

More recently, Barry was ill and stopped drinking tea for two weeks… which is completely unheard of for him. I’m convinced he has tea in his veins rather than blood due to the quantities he drinks every day. When he did this, I decided to also stop drinking tea and coffee. I had the most horrendous withdrawal symptoms but then didn’t miss it as much after persevering for a few days.  It made me really reconsider my caffeine intake.

When the kids were born and little, I would survive on a ridiculous amount of coffees each day. Mostly lattes, which were comforting and also as felt as though they were helping me deal with non sleeping babies.

But the “babies” are now 4 and 7 and sleep really well at night… so that excuse is no longer valid.

I’m also back to eating healthily and exercising more (I’ve just signed on with Weight Watchers again to help). So drinking lattes and macchiatos several times a day won’t help… I remember the first time I did Weight Watchers,  I saw that a Caramel Macchiato which I loved in Starbucks was worth the same amount of points as my daily allowance…. I don’t think I’ll ever forget this! It’s so not worth it (at least not on a regular basis).

Back to Black

I’m back to drinking my coffee black. A good, strong double espresso in the morning, and perhaps another mid-morning if I fancy it. I find that this is currently enough for me. But it needs to be good coffee.


There are so many different types of coffee makers… From cafetieres, espresso machines, manual espresso makers… you can even get some that link to your phone so can you make your coffee without getting out of bed!

My parents have a Nespresso machine, and it does make really good coffee. But, well, pods…

Personally, I have a lovely metal cafetiere but I haven’t managed to find the same strong taste I so love from espressos.

Since going back to black coffee, I have also gone back to being more fussy with my coffee. It needs to be strong, be good and not take me ages (or a degree) to make.

I’m also the main person to drink coffee in the house (as mentioned above, Barry is a tea-man through and through!) . So I’m just looking for a machine for me (and visitors as when they pop round). I want to be able to make good coffee as and when I want one, and to take away with me in my trusted Contigo travel mug.

So what options are there? There seems to be a fair amount of eco friendly coffee makers and machines available online.

The one that has caught my eye is the Delonghi Magnifica ESAM4200, currently on sale on Amazon for just under £300.

It’s a bean to cup machine, which appears to do a whole range of coffees, from espressos to cappucinos to everything in between. At least coffee related that is.

The reviews on Amazon are in the vast majority very positive, and I’ve found reviews for it on other websites too that share their love for coffee and coffee machines (beantocupcoffeemachines.net & Blackheartscoffee).

This De’Longhi Magnifica machine is a high quality home coffee machine. It uses whole beans, grinds the exact amount needed for the coffee you want and then brews it.

A coffee machine of this stature should be a one-off purchase, making sure you have good coffee every single time. And whilst it can be considered pricey as a one-off purchase (currently just under £300 on Amazon), if you continually make your own coffee at home and use travel mugs instead of using coffee shops, it will pay for itself soon enough.

Other Advantages

Other than not using pods, there are other advantages to using a good coffee machine at home.

You control the price of your coffee. Whilst the initial outlay is far more than your weekly coffee shop, when you add up the coffees you buy each week throughout the year, it soon adds up! For example, if you buy a coffee from a shop say twice a week at £2.40, that’s almost £250 a year (and would pay for the machine above for example).

On top of that, when ordering a takeaway coffee you get given a disposable cup. These are very rarely biodegradable or recyclable, and so create a lot of waste.

Another form of waste is milk. By making your own coffee and using the milk you need, it avoids waste. Coffee shops end up wasting lots of milk each day when not used.

You can also source your beans from fairtrade, equitable companies, and therefore know where your coffee comes from.

These are all reasons which have prompted me to look for an alternative coffee machine, helping me brew the perfect cup from home, whilst also being more eco-friendly. 

Are you a coffee maker?
What do you use for a perfect brew?
Have you got any tips on how to make a good cafetiere coffee?
Can you recommend a good coffee machine!
What are your favourite eco-friendly coffee beans?
Let me know 🙂 


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