Whilst we haven’t got a date yet, there is only one item holding up the sale of the house. As such, the move seems imminent. We have sold a lot of our furniture, and packed most of our belongings. We are deciding what to do with our car and trying to figure out how to pack three months of clothes in just a few small suitcases… But mostly, my thoughts are on looking for work.

This is a tricky one for me. I think I’ve been refusing to let myself think about it, which means it has grown into a big ball of worry in my head. So tonight I’ve faced it. I’ve updated my CV. In English and in French. I’ve uploaded it to a few sites. I’ve updated my LinkedIn account, making it clear I’m looking for work. I’ve had a look on a few sites to see what types of jobs are available.

But I still don’t feel clear about it all.

I have worked a range of jobs in my life. From shop assistant to cashier, recrutement to employment lawyer. And of course running my own business as a florist. At times, I feel as though I ought to pull myself together and follow just the one path. But the last few years have taught me that this wouldn’t be true to myself. It’s not a bad thing to be like this. In fact, in this day and age, it’s probably a lot easier than it was before.

But doubt still creeps in…

Part of me quite likes the idea of working in an office again. Being part of a team. Going back to familiar grounds.

Deep down however, I feel the pull of running my own businesses still. When talking about my search for work with a friend, I asked her what type of role she could see me doing. She answered: I would say something creative where there’s a lot of variety combined with working with people in a supportive, facilitator type role.

When she said it, I realised that this would be my ideal too. I have loved running my own business. Letting my creativity flow, in ways that my office jobs never allowed me too. I have lots of ideas to explore, ideas to work on, to aspire to. I have also loved becoming involved with small businesses. I get really excited when people tell me they’re wanting to run their own business. When I meet someone embarking on their floristry journey, i’m always wanting to hear more and see if I can help them in any way.

Ultimately, creating a business around this is the goal.

In the first instance though, when we arrive in France, it makes sense on a lot of levels for me to seek employment. Barry will be setting up his own business as a Garden Designer, which I can’t wait to see him grow. We also agreed that it makes sense for me to look for work which will bring in a salary sooner rather than later, as I can speak both English and French, and have worked numerous jobs in France already.

So who knows what awaits me in France in the first instance, and in the future.

What I do know, what I feel, is that everything will be ok. When I was having a day worrying about this recently, I pulled out this card from my card deck:


It was a great reminder that things will work out. In the meantime, I will keep getting involved in things I enjoy, as well as make sure I get on with other tasks that are less fun, but still necessary. And in the end, I hope to find a job that combines all of the above mentioned, and will help me support my family. As with so many things, i just need to let go and be patient…

A bientot!

Have you ever faced a similar dilemna? Did you find a way to make your dream job and day job work side by side? Have you moved abroad and taken on a job to help you get settled? Or maybe you have a job to offer me? 😉  I would love to hear from you, let me know!

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