We are fast approaching completion date on our house. We haven’t got an exact date, but there is only one thing holding up the sale so it won’t be long once that’s dealt with. We should therefore be moving to France in the next few weeks! 

Packing, packing, packing….

We started packing when the kids went back to school, and as much as I am veeeeery bored of packing now, I’m glad we did. It has allowed us to have a great clearing out, making sure that what goes in the boxes are things we absolutely want to keep. I probably would have gotten rid of a lot more, but in order to prevent my husband from freaking out any more, I’m being more restrained (or at the very least trying to be)… 

I’ve done so many trips to the charity shop I worry they’ll recognise me and ban me from coming in with yet more stuff… The same for gumtree and facebook where I’ve been posting thousands of things up for sale (or so it seems). People will be glad once i’m gone so I’m no longer posting every 5 minutes! 😉 

I’m also starting to know my way round the recycling tip pretty well too…

I’ve dismantled our beds so we’ve all been sleeping on our mattresses directly on the floor. 

I plan to go through our clothes too, being ruthless and only keeping what I actually like AND wear. With the kids it’s more difficult, as having to plan for at least three months as well as bearing in mind that they will not be wearing uniforms in France, they will need more clothes. Also they will probably have a growth spurt at some point so I’m trying to pack clothes for them that will fit them now and by Spring time….  Oh the fun! (but yes, I am secretely loving it!).

I also need to start packing all our picture frames… Do you know the best way to do this?

House Hunting

This is the most fun part, but also leads to lots of questions. Ideally, we would like to use the money from the sale of our house to buy our new home in France. This is very much an option too as we would be able to get a beautiful family home for the money we have.

However, our ideal home would have: two gites, a workshop we can run classes from/hire out, work space for Barry, a good sized garden, a pool as well as be fairly close to schools for the kids. 

Unsurprisingly, our dream home is a little more than our current budget. There are plenty of them around. We just need to decide how much we’re willing to invest in the house from the start… Do we spend more on a property we can hit the ground running with business wise, or do we spend less in order to build it up to what we want over the next few years… Decisions, decisions!

All I can say is that I can’t wait to get there to start seeing properties in person!

French Schools

As with pretty much everything with our move, we don’t know for sure how it will take for us to find our new home and complete the sale on it.  I wasn’t sure what I would do with the kids in light of this, in terms of schooling.

When talking to my mum a little while back she suggested emailing the school closest to the gite and asking them if the kids could attend the school there when we arrive. Aussitot dit, aussitot fait… and I soon received an email from the school’s director telling me that would be no problem, just to let them know when we arrive so we can meet up and get the kids settled. Just like that! 

I’m really excited about this, as although they may will have to move schools again in September, at least they will get a routine, start picking up the language and of course make new friends in no time. It also means that Barry and I wil be free to go off house hunting and attending meetings  whilst the kids are at school, so win-win for us all!


This was a bit of a headache. My car was my grand-dad’s, and has served us well. The plan was to initially take it over with us, so we could bring as much stuff as we could get into the car, as well as have a car to house hunt and get around when we arrive. 

But of course, by selling our house, we will no longer have a UK address, which means no insurance. 

I was advised to contact a French insurer instead, who advised me that they would only be able to insure our car if we had french number plates put onto the car, and changed the lights, and had the car registered with the French system… This could take up to three months so we decided it wasn’t worth it in our case. So we’re selling our car and looking to buy one in France when we get there.

Job Hunting

This is on my mind… a lot! Almost as much as coming face to face with dogs in the French countryside is…

In all seriousness though, I find myself wondering what job to look for. I’m pretty confident I can do any job in order to get us sorted. But I keep trying to figure out what job I want to do…. and that is a tricky one. I know what I would rather not be doing, and that ideally, I would have a job that mixes creative and business skills, and uses my languages. But that’s all I have at the moment… any ideas? :p

All in good time though, I know things will start to fall into place when we get there. 

But most of all…

Excitement! Amongst all the stress, the fears, the uncertainty…. I’m feeling ridiculously excited about being in France soon!

I can’t wait to be there for Spring, and then in the Summer for all the festivals that take place.

I’m excited that before long the kids will be speaking French without a second thought. I’m excited that Barry and I get to work and live our dreams a lot sooner than we’d hoped for. I’m excited to be talking French and eating the French way again. I’m excited that I get to meet lots of new people and have new opportunities arise from our move. I’m excited that I get to see my family more, as well as travel around Europe a lot easier.

Most of all, I’m excited about the adventure. The unknown, making it our own. It’s blooming marvellous… and I can’t wait!! 😀



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